Join the Cohouse Community

We believe that history progresses because small groups of highly intelligent and motivated people decide to work together with a singular focus, so we hire the best from around the world to help further our mission of buiding a global community of trust that will gradually rebuild a civic society which today faces unprecedented and accelerating technological, socioeconomic and environmental challenges. 



Our Story, Our Mission

We started out of Stanford University in 2014 by providing shared housing in Silicon Valley, California for talented engineers from Stanford, Tesla, FB, Google, Apple and SAP. It was a passion project, borne out of a desire to create an idea-lab and incubator. As we encountered challenges, members of our community began to build solutions, and we gradually crafted and continue to build an ecosystem of tools & processes to create and empower other communities -- from finding people to live with to transacting on housing online (faster, safer, better matched, less expensive), from managing repairs & utility payments to organizing community events -- pretty much meeting our own needs as they come up. Despite being a multi-Trillion dollar industry (25-35% of the economy in many places), real-estate is stuck in the 19th century, due it its hyper-complex, hyper-localized and interconnected nature. While this scares most, this excites our members, who seek out intellectually rigorous and challenging problems. Today, we use the tools we have already built to expand our membership, reinvesting our earnings back into engineering solutions for problems faced by our members -- a process which we believe creates a virtuous cycle of value-creation. 

Our hope is we continue to do well by doing good, and move closer to saving the world one step at a time. 


How You Fit In 

Our philosophy is - 'see a need, fill a need', so we aspire to be a magnet for engineers, designers and entrepreneurial operators, who are talented and vision-driven, and who agree with our goals of rebuilding civic society one solution at a time, one community at a time.  Because of this and the fact that being global is in our DNA, we recruit worldwide to both capture the best of the best wherever you are, and to spread Silicon Valley's innovative spirit. We have a lot to do and the world isn't going to save itself (at least not in a fun way for humans), and we don't have much time. So we need you, the talented and hardworking gentleman or lady who wants to make an impact, who thinks life can be reshaped through focused effort, and who wants to work with a hyper-talented but humble/respectful, global but nimble, and downright exceptional team. If you are all these things AND possess some of the skills below -- we want you to apply. The world needs you to apply.

If not you, who?

(no really, if it doesn't work out, refer us your high impact friends here for up to $6K+)  

Equal Housing Opportunity