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Every day your property sits vacant is a day of lost income. And there’s no getting it back. Stop the bleeding by renting your space through cohouse today.
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Reduce complexity in choosing the best housemate. We provide tools to handle housemates’ application, background check, agreement signing and payments.
We charge your housemate(s) every month and make sure payments are autodeposited every month.
We provide support throughout your rental process, and have options for follow-on support once the deal is closed.

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If you run or want to build a community, let's connect. You can start by listing a space or sending an email to
I’ve started as a housemate for a few years, then started a cohouse of my own. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and plan to keep going. Cohouse consistently delivers on our needs, so I can focus on my career and relationships.
Cohouse helped my family unlock and build residential income while solving a housing problem for our community. Thanks to the income we make from our cohouse, my mother was able to buy my grandmother a new house.
Incubator Houses
Coliving Community
As a community focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, we like to focus on our members needs. Cohouse has helped us reduce the amount of time and energy we spend dealing with real-estate related tasks, and helps us smooth our occupancy to make sure we can keep things running smoothly.

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Since 2014 Cohouse has helped people from these institutions find a wonderful place to live and a community to call home.

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